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Fascial Stretch Therapy 

Fascial Stretch Therapy also known as FST is a 1-on-1 assisted stretching method performed by a certified FST practitioner on a massage table. Each session is completely customized to each client based on their; goals, mobility and past or current injuries/discomfort. 

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Life Stretch 
Group Stretch Class

This is a 60 minute calmimg stretch class designed to help you become more flexible in body, mind and spirit so that you feel not only more functionally mobile but also more capable to deal with the physical and mental demands of life

Back To Basics 
Group Stretch Class

This is a 40 minute easy stretch class designed to target the hip muscles - calf muscles - chest and mid back. Great for those looking to get into a basic stretching routine or those that sit all day.

Group Stretch Class



This is a 50 minute advanced stretching class designed to target 
the 4 major parts of the body; the ankle joint - hip joint - mid back and shoulders.  This class is for those that are looking to greatly improve your mobility and stability, improve sports performance, muscle coordination and posture.

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Mastering The Art 
Of Foam Rolling 

This class is designed to help you better understand the value of Foam Rolling, How to properly use the Foam Roller, learn the consequences of improperly using a Foam Roller. Basically you will become a Foam Rolling Master!!!  

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