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I've had serious knee issues since my 1985 fall off of a mountain that surgeries didn't resolve. Jon worked wonders with me in one session! Also helped a lot with my surgeried shoulder. I highly recommend him, whatever part of your body could be even more alive, flexible, energized, or strong than it is now. Better than morphine for pain, even a week later after my first session I still have reduced pain and increased abilities. 
Kevin Vryan  ~ Professor at Northern Arizona University 
Jon, Thank you soooo much for teaching our runners the correct way to stretch!!! You're the best!!!
Susan Loken  ~ USA Masters Marathon Champion, 2012 Olypic Marathon Trails Qualifier, Running Coach   
I met Jon Lempke a year ago while working out at the Val Vista Lakes Clubhouse. Since then, he has given me advice and has always made it a point to check up on me. About two weeks ago, Jon noticed I was limping while doing my daily run on the treadmill. He asked what was wrong and I proceeded to tell him about the knee problem I have been having for the last two years.
When I participated in a weight class in high school, I had began to feel pains and see inflammation in my left knee whenever I did squats or lunges. When my track season started, I also felt the pain and experienced the swelling after my runs. Unfortunately, the doctors and specialists I had gone to had all told me that I was simply working out too much and that I needed to take a break.
However, after three weeks rest and limited work outs I was still having the same problem. I had begun to think that it was something I was just going to have to live with. When I told Jon about all of this, he took me to a stretching mat and asked if he could stretch me. I obliged and he went to work on my leg.
After a few minutes, he told me to run and see how I felt. It was amazing! I was no longer in pain at all. Since that time, I have stretched in the particular ways he showed me every day and I have not experienced pain or swelling at all. Jon Lemke helped me very much and I am truly grateful. Sincerely,  
Sarah Femenia  ~ Runner   
I came to Jon Lempke with old injuries in my legs and hips that had been very painful for years. The pain I experienced was so painful that it prevented me from being able to sit longer than 20 minutes and kept me from exercising.
Through going to Jon for flexibility coaching, I have been healing and I can finally get back to being active!  Jon has also taught me how to stretch and work out on my own, effectively and without causing further injury.  Jon is knowledgeable and he is a pleasure to work with, his methods are a fresh change from other forms of therapy, they are effective! 
If you have pain and want to heal your body, or if you want to perform better physically, Jon Lempke can help! 
Camille Arnett ~ Teacher 
Jon was recommended to me by my neighbor.  I first used him as a personal trainer and he was wonderful at motivating me and getting me back on track with my exercising.  Then he mentioned that he also did stretching.  At that time I was experiencing a lot of lower back pain from an auto accident I was in several years ago and after seeing a chiropractor 10 times without any improvement I decided to try stretching with Jon.
After 1 session I immediately knew this is what I needed.  His stretching has greatly improved the spasms and pain I felt and I am no longer stiff when I get up in the morning.  He has also improved the neck pain I have had for over a year. 
His stretching has worked better than either the chiropractic services or massage therapy, which I had tried previously.  He is very professional, and personable. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their flexibility and to just feel better. 
Claire White ~ Retired Teacher
Jon was recommended to me as a flexibility coach who could help eliminated my aches and pains from running. I was coming off a hip injury from running and even after a layoff and therapy the problem was still affecting my performance. I could typically run about 2-3 miles before I would start to hurt.
After one session with Jon, I was able to run 6 miles without pain and after a few more visits my hip problem disappeared. Jon then proceeded to eliminate my other minor aches and pains to where I can now run pain free and with very little recovery time needed.
He has worked with me on nutrition and recommended reading material to improve my running. Through Jon's expertise and knowledge not only has my running performance improved, but my quality of life is better.
Bruce White ~  Runner
I’m writing this letter to let people know how important flexibility coaching is to a healthy, pain free body, especially as we age and to share how much my flexibility coach, Jon Lemke, has helped me toward that goal.
I am an active 50 year-old woman, who enjoys exercise.  I typically work out 5-6 days a week.  I work with a personal trainer 2-3 times a week and use an elliptical rider, treadmill or walk the other days. 
Unfortunately, I have had chronic joint pain for several years, especially in my hips and shoulder/neck areas.  My hips really hurt almost all the time, even while sitting and sleeping.  Sometimes they would hurt so bad, I would have a hard time sleeping. 
I started working with Jon about 3 months ago and have had amazing results!  His flexibility coaching is an “interactive” experience.  He and I work together to loosen and stretch my joints.  The result is my hips have been virtually pain free for several weeks now. 
We have just started working on my neck/shoulder area and I’m noticing some improvement already!  I’m looking forward to working with Jon on an ongoing basis to keep my body pain free for many years to come for many years to come!
Darren Hurst ~ Business Owner
I started a weekly stretching program with Jon nearly four months ago because of several desires:
(1) I wanted to increase my overall flexibility and produce a greater range of motion in my joints.
(2) I wanted to prevent or reduce any risk of injury such as a muscular tear.
(3) I wanted to improve my recovery time between activities and hopefully enhance my golf performance.
I’m not trying to make big gains in flexibility in a short period of time. I realize it should be done gradually over a period of time and then maintained. I’ve experienced many health benefits from the stretching program.
I have improved respiratory function, I no longer have lower back pain, and I have increased my golf driving distance by 25 yards. After each session, I feel very light, flexible, refreshed, and I feel younger than I did before being stretched.
I highly recommend trying a stretch session with Jon. Have fun and stay loose.
Jim Juras ~ Golfer
Since working with Jon I have noticed a big difference. The sessions with him have made running, walking, exercising in general, standing and sitting far less stressful on my body. I have lost that tightness in my back, hips and legs. It has been a big help to my overall posture and core. I highly recommend his flexibility coaching program. 
Tom Rustwick  ~ Fitness enthusiast
When Jon told me about his website I told him I would like to write something on his behalf.  The additional value I believe Jon is bringing to his clients with his flexibility training in addition to his strength training is enormous. 
Stretching and flexibility are so much more important than the traditional view of “just getting ready to exercise,” I believe they are the key to living a long, rich life, not hunched over like so many older people are these days.  
My opinion is that every day that I can have Jon stretching me adds weeks and months of vitality, not only now but more importantly as I grow older.
I’ve been fortunate to have worked with another flexibility coach for three years that comes from the same flexibility coaching philosophy that Jon has been trained in and I can tell you their training is the best. 
I had a monstrously bad lower back and left hip and now those problems have been totally solved.  I tried injections and chiropractic and they didn’t really do anything for me, but flexibility training solved them 100%.
I’m now recovering from both a minor and major knee surgery and ongoing flexibility training is a major player in my physical therapy. 
Thanks for adding this new area to your tool kit Jon, and for all your studying and training! 
Terry Hurst ~ Business Owner
My name is Ilana Arzt and I own a personal training business in north Scottsdale. I've known Jon for several years. He is a quality person and very professional. Lately I've been fortunate to receive some amazing stretching sessions with him. His technique is very special and his touch on the body is very gentle. I've felt a significant improvement in the tight areas of my body (lower back, hips, calf’s).
I feel the work Jon performs is crucial for any person who cares about their health and well being.
It’s an experience you don't want to miss!
Ilana Arzt  ~ Personal Trainer & Fitness Competitor
I have been a professional entertainer all of my life and the years of dancing & performing have taken their toll on my 42 year old body.
After stretching with Jon Lempke for the past few months I have found that my flexibility & overall mobility are MUCH improved. My chronic back pain & headaches are all but bad memories! I can once again get my groove on with the best of them :)
I highly recommend flexibility coaching with Jon Lempke to anyone who wishes to restore their freedom of movement and, indeed, improve their quality of life!! 
April Miller ~ Entertainer & Recording Artist 
After 20 years of hockey and now playing racquetball and golf I have many aches and pains, daily.  I have worked with Jon over the last 4 years and am real impressed with his knowledge of the human body.  Jon to me is a miracle worker, I can come to him and tell him what is bothering me and after a session no more pain! It's amazing, he knows right away what the issue is and after a session I feel great! 
Jon is very professional and a great young man! 
Aaron Anderson ~ Golfer
From the beginning I was a skeptic of this new stretching program Jon described to me. As a Mixed Martial Artist and a Certified Personal Trainer for over 8 years I have seen several new theories and techniques develop in the field of Exercise Science. Some of these theories and techniques seemed to serve a purpose and others were an absolute joke.
When Jon approached me with a theory and technique on a specialized stretching method he has mastered, I was more than tentative on scheduling an appointment, thinking it could be an adequate waste of time.
Although I was tentative I still made the appointment to see Jon for the following week. After arriving at Val Vista Lakes Club House the stretching soon began! Jon strapped me to his massage table and began moving my limbs in a way I never thought possible. This unique stretching was absolutely amazing; I've never experienced anything like it.
After the session my muscles felt 20% more limber, my hips didn't pop anymore and my High Kick in Martial Arts class was at least 6 inches higher that night.
The most impressive thing I noticed about this form of stretching was the instant benefits I felt on my lower back injury. My lower back has caused me problems over the years after a severe hockey injury that resulted with a broken tail bone and ruptured disk in my lower back. After working with Jon I can honestly say the pain and tightness in my lower back has completely vanished.
If you're a person trying to improve your mobility, sports performance or health I strongly recommend seeing Jon for this program. I swear there is nothing in the world like it.
Joe McCormick ~ Personal trainer/MMA Fighter
“The level of service at Stretch Therapy is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism. Thank you!”
“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. Stretch Therapy was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding.
Keep up the good work!”
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