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At Stretch Therapy we understand how frustrating it can be when trying to improve flexibility for sports or personal needs. More and more it seems like we are clients last resort after trying the stretch franchises, massage and other modalities. 

So what makes us different? 
Our expert understanding of human movement and biomechanics that has been developed over a decade of not only stretching clients but also teaching health practioners.     

What is Stretch Therapy?

  • Each session is 55 minutes 
  • Table based Assisted Stretching
  • We do not just focus on the symptoms, we find the cause
  • Each session utilities a variety of assessments to guide approach

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30% OFF

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    "Since stretching with Jon I've noticed 3 things; I can throw faster & harder, I can throw more innings and I recover faster."
     -James Hoyt
    MLB Pitcher


    "Since working with Jon I no longer have back pain and I have increased my drive by 25 yards."

    "Been working with Jon all year and my race times keep getting better even at age 46."
    -Rick Steele
    Ironman athlete

    "Jon, Thank you soooo much for teaching our runners the correct way to stretch and all your help keeping my body injury free"
     -Susan Loken

    Running Coach for 
    Chances for Children
    2012 Olympic Marathon Trial Qualifier 
    USA Master Marathon Champion


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    Fascial Stretch therapy class photo with Jon Lempke Jon Lempke teaching at Stretch to win

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