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Treat the cause Not the symptom

Have you ever experienced a pain, ache or discomfort in your body that just never seems to go away?

You may have gone to a therapist of some kind such as a chiropractor or massage therapist to work it out and it may have subsided for a few days, weeks or months but then it just seems to come back again.

This is what I consider treating the symptom and not the cause. For example. If you think back to high school and there is a bully and the victim, which one complains? The victim right? You never hear about the bully going to their parents or the teacher and telling them about how they abused the other student. Never....It's always the victim telling someone about being picked on by the bully.

I have found that the aches and pains we experience in our body more times then not are no different. For example, neck and shoulder tightness/aches are more times then not the result of stress and strain being placed on them from the front of the body. Mainly the chest muscles (Pec Minor) and/or the hip flexors (Psoas) pulling the upper body into flexion or forward causing the shoulders and arms to round forward and the head to move forward.

As a result the Neck muscles (Levator Scapula), Shoulder muscles (Traps) and Back muscles (Rhomboids) get taut as they are elongated like a rubber band increasing the muscle tension in them. As a result of the constent tension on them they can develop knots or trigger points which can cause referred pain and muscle disfunction, restrict blood flow to the head causing tension headaches, cause bursitis in the shoulder and numbness/tingling in the arms and hands.

To relieve these symptoms and prevent them from coming back I have found that it is best to treat the source of the issues by; Releasing the muscles and tissue that are pulling the body forward into flexion and strengthening the postural muscles to help keep the head and shoulders in a neutral allignment.

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